Garnet is stone with a high ability to add energy.
It cleanses the chakras and gives them new energy, which they enliven, purify and maintain in balance. Garnets bring as needed: peace or desire. It is said that the garnet can warn of impending danger, and since time immemorial it has been used as an amulet. Garnets also support love and devotion. They keep sexual attraction in balance and can repair emotional imbalances. In particular, the red garnet stimulates and controls the increase in kundalini energy (internal spiritual and sexual energy, the beginning of which is in the lower spine in root chakra, but properly stimulated can move up to the crown chakra) and at the same time increases sexual potency.
It is a stone that supports strong relationships and caring for others.
Garnet is useful in times of crisis. It helps mainly in seemingly imperfect situations.