The ruby’s name comes from the Latin “rubeus” and means “red” – a color that raises vital energy and has health properties. This beautiful corundum was adorning crowns and jewelry of monarchs or people recognized as saints.
Rubies remove bad thoughts, soften disputes, stimulate people with impulsive temperaments. They are also assigned the power to drive off melancholy, harmonize the minds and calm the nerves. They strengthen the purity and loyalty of feelings, make people loving and faithful – they are stones of love. The rubies are able to bring wisdom and reflection to those who lack them, and bring happiness and prosperity.
According to tradition, the ruby is a symbol of dynamism, strength and firmness, because it adds energy and vital forces, strengthens optimism and self-confidence, it fosters the achievement of great goals and quick decision-making. It is therefore an ideal stone for leaders, it always occupied the main place among royal crown jewels.
Ruby is blood and internal fire, passion and power, power and dynamism. It has a positive effect on blood circulation and cleansing, by strengthening the heart and stimulation of vital energy.

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