The need for contact with nature, art and creativity appeared during the development and exploration of yoga practice. Then the next – the need to discover a new aesthetics and express it through art. Looking for inspiration we have reached the Canary Islands, where you can commune with all aspects of nature. All varieties of blue in the ocean and in the sky, raw mountains covered with colorful flowers, juicy green forests adjacent to the warmth of desert sands, gave inspiration to create more patterns.


Each product was made by hand from natural materials – silver, gold, silk thread and precious and semi-precious stones. Everyone, also through the minerals and colors contained in it, in addition to aesthetic values, has a special impact on the chakras and aura. The healing and protective effects of crystals – lithotherapy – have been known for centuries, but this knowledge was not widely available.


We know that the best, but also additional effects have minerals contacted with the skin. At this moment, the healing elements are released from the stones and absorbed by the skin. Part of the jewellery was made so that it could be used during yoga practice or physical exercise, which further strengthens the action of crystals. The touch of stones, thread and natural metals is gentle and soothing.


The combination of a natural and manifold texture makes our jewellery very original. In many cases, stones are strung on a jewelry thread, which makes the necklaces or bracelets become soft. The combination of softness and hardness is also a combination of feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) or creativity with the causative force.


The names of the collections are related to aspects of nature – elements, thus referring to the natural, ecological character of our jewellery. Our brand’s jewellery combines the need for beauty, sophistication, functionality and contact with nature and ourselfs. Due to its natural delicacy, it suits every woman, while supporting and helping to achieve life aspirations.

All stones used by us are faceted or polished and AAA class, all metal elements are silver, gold-plated silver or gold (silver 925, gold 24 kt), and the threads are strong and professional.