Knotted with silk thread, elegant earrings, were made of rubies. The deep red ruby light with a subtle blue glow symbolizes the strength of love and life, and the fire of purification and change. The energy of love covers the whole range: from sexual love, to universal and divine love. Ruby shows us that we can reconcile sex and spiritual love. This mineral reveals sexuality and eroticism as a creative, primary energy of life. It fulfilled our deepest longing for a perfect spiritual union through love erotic, physical and sexual. Rubin allows us to experience the whole depth of feelings in connection with our partner and elevates us to the heights of sensations. It awake in us a love for other people, to the universe, providing us a primary source of energy resting in the root chakra which giving us courage and bravery.


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Chakra: 1, 4
Color: pink, magenta, silver
Stone: rubies,
Pendannt: silver badge
Material: ruby, jewelery silk thread, silver 925
Size: 7 cm.