Impressive necklace made of hand-braided silk threads blue-gold, labradorites, sun stones and aquamarine.

The stones used for this necklace have a versatile effect. They stimulate life energy, including sexual energy, and have health effects. They strengthen people who have lost the joy of life, help to overcome fears, uncertainty, lack of faith in their own strength and raise self-esteem. They protect our aura against negative influences from the outside. They reveal hidden talents, they support creativity and intuitive ideas. These stones make us calmer, more reasonable and also support communication and social relations. They develop a higher consciousness, thus making us better for the world and people.


Impressive necklace made of blue-gold hand-braided silk threads, labradorites, sun stones and aquamarine.

Color: blue, gray, sunny, golden.
Material: labradorite, sunstone, aquamarine, silk thread braided by hand, 925 silver plated in 24 carat gold.
Chakra: 1, 2, 3.
Pendant: sun.
Size: about 40-45 cm, adjustable.


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