Delicate earrings made of rubies, minerals that simultaneously and extremely strongly affect many spheres of life. They restore passion and willingness to act for people who are extinguished or burned, people who need energy. Life becomes simpler and more pleasant. For those who think negatively or disappointed with life – the ruby ray rebuilds faith and optimism. Psychophysical activity, courage in making difficult decisions and establishing self-confidence return again to feel the meaning of life in what is most important – in family, work, friendship or simply in nature. The energy of the ruby affects both the affluence of feelings in our personal relationships, the dignified social position and healthy prestige in our work. However, above all, rubies affect the abundance of our intimate relationship and attract positive people and events to us.

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Chakra: 1
Color: pink, golden
Stone: ruby,
Material: ruby, silver 925 plated with 24-carat gold